“Wir und ELANE” - The musical time travel podcast by the band ELANE

In October 2020, the first episode of the band’s podcast "Wir und ELANE" (“We and ELANE”) was released in German language, which is published on digital platforms at irregular intervals. In it, the band members mix current affairs with "retro" themes. During the production phase of "Blackvale" the band often gave detailed insights into the creation process of the album.

In the "Special" episodes, the show is supplemented by a prominent guest, e. g. the Swedish music producer Dan Swanö, the German fantasy author Kai Meyer, the Gothic musician and writer Bianca Stücker and many more.

Most episodes are recorded in German and can be found on all popular music and streaming services.

Podcast episodes

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    Accompanying playlist

    As we talk a lot about music in our musical time travel podcast – ranging from our own music, to film soundtracks and world renowned hits – we have an accompanying playslist. You can find all of the mentioned songs in it to give them a listen and hopefully discover new music for yourself!

    The playlist is aptly titled "Wir und ELANE (Die Playlist zum Podcast)" and is updated with every new podcast episode. The playlist is exclusively available on » Spotify and » Deezer.

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